Virginia's Soap has been in business for over 30 years crafting fine hand made soaps and bath products. We love what we do, we do it exceptionally well and our customer service is second to none. See us to create custom scents for you, show you how to private label with our scents & help you pick out beautiful soap wedding favours for your special day. Virginia's Soaps are sold around the world, Proudly Made in Manitoba, Canada and Actually made by Humans.

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Handmade soap is what we do best and we have loyal customers nationwide. Our customers have learned and experienced what good, handmade soap does for the skin and we are honored that they keep coming back for more.

Almost Edible Soaps—Oatmeal Breakfast Absolutely Fabulous Glycerin Soaps—Orange Tootsie Loofahs—Blackberry
Almost Edible Soaps™ Absolutely Fabulous Glycerin Soaps™ Tootsie Loofahs™
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